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Polk Parkway Road Exit Closure For Auto Car Travel | Lakeland Mobile Mechanic
Polk Parkway Road Exit Closure For Auto Car Travel | Lakeland Mobile Mechanic

Polk Parkway Road Exit Closure For Auto Car Travel | Lakeland Mobile Mechanic

Polk Parkway Road Exit Closure For Auto Car Travel Lakeland Mobile Mechanic Auto Car Repair and certified pre buy vehicle inspection checkup service shop call us at 863-448-9748 local automotive technician expert near me who will come or travel to you, at home, house, apartment, condo, job, office business or any local parking lot to fix your vehicle onsite as emergency roadside assistance.

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Welcome to the Commissioner’s Report! In this episode, we have Commissioner Bill Braswell and Yasir Mado, a consultant with the Florida Department of Transportation, joining us to discuss a major road closure that is coming up.

The closure is a result of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, and the county has been working hard to inform the public about it. However, it has been challenging to reach everyone due to the diverse sources of news people rely on. The purpose of this discussion is to raise awareness about the closure and its impact on the community.

The closure in question is the westbound Polk Parkway exit ramp to Winter Lake Road (State Road 540, Exit 14). It will be closed for a duration of 18 months. This closure will affect drivers who usually travel westbound on Polk Parkway and exit onto Winter Lake Road, whether they are heading west or east.

While this closure will inconvenience many people, the end result will be beneficial. By closing the ramp for 18 months, the completion of the Central Polk Parkway will be accelerated by two years, which is a significant achievement. The decision to implement this closure was made with the goal of delivering projects to the community and travelers more quickly.

The Florida Department of Transportation aims to minimize the impact on people’s lives and ensure smooth mobility for residents and visitors. The closure will redirect drivers to a detour route that will get them to their destinations, with only a minimal increase in travel time of about 5 minutes. The detour route involves exiting westbound on Exit 17 (US 92), then traveling east on Ricker Highway, southeast on Spirit Lake Road, and finally onto Winter Lake Road.

The majority of drivers who use the closed exit during rush hours are typically heading east on Winter Lake Road, either towards US 17 or further east. The new Parkway will provide a faster and more efficient route for these drivers, without any traffic lights or delays.

The closure will begin at 11:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 28th. To ensure that drivers are aware of the detour, various measures have been taken. Overhead message boards along I-4 and Polk Parkway will display information about the closure and detour. Portable message boards with detour signs will be placed throughout the corridor. Construction alerts will be distributed, including maps and detour information. The detour will also be integrated into navigation apps like Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. Additionally, an advertisement will be placed in the local newspaper to reach those who rely on traditional news sources.

The Florida Department of Transportation and the local district will closely monitor traffic during the closure. Adjustments to the detour or signal timing will be made if necessary to ensure smooth traffic flow. The decision to implement this closure was not made lightly, and extensive planning and coordination have gone into it. The goal is to minimize inconvenience and provide drivers with clear directions to their destinations by Lakeland mobile mechanic auto car repair.

The closure may cause some temporary congestion, especially at the train track intersection on Ricker Highway. However, the overall benefits of accelerating the construction of the Central Polk Parkway outweigh the inconvenience. The new road will alleviate congestion, provide a faster route for truckers, and improve mobility in the area. Once both sections of the Parkway are completed, Highway 98 between Bartow and Lakeland will see a significant reduction in truck traffic.

In conclusion, while the closure of the westbound Polk Parkway exit ramp to Winter Lake Road may be an inconvenience for drivers, it is a necessary step to accelerate the completion of the Central Polk Parkway. The closure will last for 18 months, starting on Thursday, March 28th at 11:00 p.m. Drivers will be directed to a detour route that will add approximately 5 minutes to their travel time. The Florida Department of Transportation has taken various measures to inform the public about the closure and provide clear directions. The ultimate goal is to improve mobility and provide a better road network for the community.

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* Valve cover gasket replacement
* Mass airflow sensor replacement
* Belt tensioner and pulley replacement
* Shock/strut replacement
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